Save Energy From Your Home Appliances

As the worlds resources are depleting, scientists claim that the end of the world will not be far enough. We need to use the resources in the best way, we do not have to waste the energy that is been given to us, in the form of electricity and heat. If we become wise in making decisions we can save huge amounts of energy today. Green energy is a very good resource of energy, but that also has to be saved. home appliances hsr layout

Air conditioners:
If it is the summer season and you are using an air conditioner in your home of office, you need to keep it to high points, like 25 degrees is good. No need to turn the AC to 10 degrees. Another god tip to save energy from the air conditioners is to keep them clean. You can buy a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner. Even when it comes to ceiling fans if they are not clean the will consume more energy. So keep them clean.

Shower and electric heater:
Electric heaters and showers consume more energy at home; they can take up 25% of the electricity bill. To save this energy you need to spend less time in shower. The use of electric heaters must be lessened as they will take in more energy to heat.

Solar Heater:
When it comes to saving energy the best way is to use green energy. Solar energy can be used instead. Use a solar collector to that the water for the swimming pool in winters instead of the electric heaters. This will save a lot of money and energy. Place the solar heaters on the roof to et more energy.

Clothes Washers and Dryers:
Well, if you have used machine to wash clothes there is no need to use a dryer also, what is the sun for???? In case if there is a rainy day and you need to wash clothes then you can use the dryers, but except form that there is no need to use dryer.


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