Pinball Machine Purchasing

The best way to purchase pinball machines is to be sure you are working with industry experts that thoroughly go over the entire machine prior to delivering the pinball machine to your home or business. Buying on an auction website can be risky as you never know for sure just who you are dealing with. A good source for pinball machines is monkeys arcades. They have a huge selection to chose from. Pinball machines

Pinball machines have many electronic and moving parts that require a certain level of expertise in order to maintain and service them properly. The industry refers to the cleaning process as “shopping out”. If this process is done correctly it will include cleaning, waxing, and replacing rubber rings and burnt bulbs. A good shop job will also include touching up the paint on the machine as needed.

A complete restoral means that the machine has been completely restored to near original condition. In many cases the machine is far nicer than the original. Each machine is completely stripped down to the playfield level. If the job is done properly the playfield will be completely redone and in many cases the playfield of the machine will receive up to six coats of clear giving it a look that is far nicer than the original brand new machine. The restoral process is a labor of love and takes many hours to complete. The end result is a beautiful game with a price that goes with it. A restored pinball might cost between $6,000 and $15,000 depending on the title and collect ability. For more information go to


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