Bringing Home and Training a Golden Retriever Puppy

You have picked out an adorable golden retriever puppy. Now it is time to bring the little tyke home. Your new puppy is like a child, needing a lot more care than you had thought. If only your new golden came with a set of instructions. Well, here is your introduction and guide to golden retriever puppy training.

When you first bring your puppy home remember that the little guy is only a few months old. Puppies should not be sold younger than 7 weeks of age. He or she has just been separated from the pup’s mother and littermates. Your puppy may be lonely, scared, and sleepy. Don’t throw any loud parties right away, let your puppy get used to the new environment, and don’t leave him or her alone for too long. Make your house safe for your new puppy. Remove any toxins, sharp objects and electrical wires out of your puppy’s reach. Golden puppies like to chew things, so walk around the house looking at the dog’s level.

What supplies do you need besides lots of chew toys? Let’s start with a water and food bowl, collar, and leash. For grooming, you will need a bristle brush, undercoat rake, grooming shears, and dog nail clippers. Remember to brush your golden puppy about twice a week. When your dog is older and has a longer coat, brush more often. You will also need ear cleansing solution, and dog shampoo. Human shampoo will dry out your dog’s skin. Next you will need a dog crate and durable blankets to line it with that can’t be chewed apart. Goldens grow fast into big dogs, so don’t buy a crate that is too small. Also make sure that it is portable and light enough to carry. golden retriever puppies colorado

You will need to house train your new puppy right away. Never let your puppy scamper around the house without supervision. Take your puppy out of the crate about once an hour and go outside. Give your dog a few minutes to ‘eliminate’. If he or she goes to the bathroom, give your puppy a treat and praise. After going to the bathroom, is the time to walk or play in the house. Make sure you also have a regular feeding schedule. Don’t just leave out food bowls. You will start to learn your puppy’s bathroom times, then, you can let him or her out of the crate more often. Next, teach your puppy to ‘ask’ to go to the bathroom. Put a couple bells on a string and hang them from a doorknob to your dog’s level. Each time you go outside, shake the bells. Eventually, put the puppy down and have him or her nudge the bells.

There are a few important things to remember when training a golden retriever. They are smart dogs that are eager to learn. That is why positive reinforcement is much more productive than cracking the whip and yelling. Praise your golden when he or she does something right and give out plenty of treats. The other key to training is consistency. Simple consistency with rules and commands will help your puppy learn fast. A well trained puppy grows up into a well behaved dog that is easy to handle and train. Work out some clear house rules ahead of time and be consistent. Is jumping up on company OK? What rooms are out of bounds, and what furniture can your dog lie on? When is barking OK? Goldens, generally, don’t bark a lot, but don’t establish bad habits. Teach your puppy to chew on his or her chew toys and not on furniture or nip at people.


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